Australian Stories 2017

Colourfest showcases the best of migrant and diaspora stories from Australia and beyond.

Australian Stories 2017 is Colourfest’s fifth and final short films collection celebrating Australia’s diverse and evolving identity. We have dedicated the final DVD in our collection to refugee stories. Refugees highlight the plight of humanity, of loss, movement and becoming.

The DVD is made available to schools, councils and community organisations to screen at public events and use as an educational resource.

ravi-and-jane-2 maninthemirror

Ravi and Jane – Directed by Stuart O’Rourke – 14mins – A shy 10 year old, Ravi, has just moved to Australia from his native land of Sri Lanka. On his first day at a new school he is befriended by Jane. They become inseparable until events beyond their control attempt to divide them.

Man in The Mirror – Directed by Ali Mousawi – 7mins – The film follows sixteen-year old Arabic-speaking Iranian asylum seeker, Abbas, who was first told in a Darwin detention centre that he looked like Michael Jackson. Once out of detention he started researching, dressing and teaching himself to dance like the iconic King of Pop.

1001 Nights in Fairfield – Directed by Zanny Begg – 18mins – 1001 Nights in Fairfield combines well known stories from the an ancient Arab tale with real life stories from members of the Choir of Love, a choir established in Fairfield (NSW) by Bashar Hanna to assist in the self organisation and cultural survival of recently arrived refugees from Iraq. This film amplifies the voices of some of Iraq’s minorities, the Chaldean, Armenian, Assyrian and Syriac communities, many of whom live in exile.

Hope City – Directed by Thomas Baricevic – 16 minutes – Majak, a teenage boy from South Sudan is haunted by his dark past and torn between his new life and a burning desire to return to home to find his mother.

Villawood Mums – Directed by Guido Gonzales – 8minS – A well-known end point and starting point for those who leave their country seeking asylum in Australia is Villawood Detention Centre – formerly known as Villawood Hostel. Two women who were faced with the choice to flee share their story with their sons.

There are a few things that separate the arrival of Maria and Zahoor at Villawood: ten years, a few policy reforms and two very large fences.

The Phoenix – Directed by Nora Niasari  – 23 mins – Exiled Iranian actor Mr Farid teaches theatre to reluctant asylum seeker teenagers inside an Australian Detention Centre. When the fate of the kids is unknown, he attempts to restore their lives but makes an unexpected discovery of his own. PLEASE NOTE THIS FILM HAS BEEN EDITED FOR CLASSIFICATION PURPOSES, YOU CAN CONTACT TO VIEW THE FULL FILM.

TOTAL: 85 minutes.