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Celebrating diversity and our multicultural identity through film…

Short Films Collection

Our short films collection focus on social inclusion, harmony and Australia’s diverse identity. We offer the six films on a DVD. The DVD is packaged with an activity book that allows the students to further explore the films through individual and group activities. The resource helps students challenge media bias, address racism and explore their identity as Australians.


Handy by Vinh Nguyen (4 minutes) – A satirical documentary of newly arrived refugees talking about their experience in Australia, through the use of hands from a far away place called Handgaria.

Sosefina by Tresa Ponnor (14 minutes) – Sosefina escapes her big, loud, annoying Samoan family and their rundown house to spend the day in a display home instead of going to school. In the process of her adventure she discovers the love she has for her family.

Trab Laus by Tania Safi (6 minutes) – Meaning ‘Tripoli’ in Arabic, Trab Laus is a hand-drawn animation which chronicles a young Australian-Lebanese woman as she unexpectedly deserts her comfortable bubble of inner-west Sydney living for one of the poorest areas of Lebanon and her grandmother’s almost uninhabitable apartment.

Play Lunch by Cassandra Nguyen (10 minutes) – Shy, little Molly is determined to finish her big lunch before the siren sounds. While the other kids have already eaten and are off having fun, Molly watches on, still eating. An encounter between Molly and a new friend brings the possibility of food, footy & friendship.

Vinyl by Ashley Fairfield (14 minutes) – A teenage refugee from Sudan struggles to cope with his new life, but finds hope for the future through the power of music.

Fighting for Air by Fatima Mawas (7 minutes) – Khadijeh or KJ as she’s known has a secret she keeps hidden from the world. She’s at loggerheads with her sister, and is easily distracted at school. When her secret is discovered by her teacher, she is given the opportunity to accept a helping hand.

Colourfest Schools Session ($100 – includes P&H):  A DVD of the films (compiled on one disc) and an activity book. Additional copies of the activity book can be purchased for $10.

If you are interested in purchasing a session of Colourfest for your school, please contact us on info @ colourfest.com.au

Naked Lady by Cigdem Serce