Short Films

You are invited to my funeral – Nadia Faraagab – There is a popular belief that women should not attend burials among the Somalis. One Somali woman retells the story of how she should not be at her father’s burial because she is a She! The film is about her extending invitation to those who might be excluded from attending her burial.

Mooncake and Crab – Heng Teng – On the day of the Mid Autumn Festival Chinese-born Crystal prepares a traditional meal of mooncake and crab for her new Anglo-Australian family. Her body loses its mass and rises up into the night sky until she reaches the moon. She can no longer return.

Sweet Sweet Country – Dehanza Rogers – With her parents and younger siblings living in a refugee camp in Kenya, 20-year-old Ndizeye struggles to support not only herself, but provide for a family she’s not seen in five years. Living in a small southern town, her struggle becomes so much more when her family literally shows up at her doorstep.

Tet – James Tran – A Young man recalls his first memory of Chinese New Year with his family (animation)

The Doorknock Appeal – Amal Awad – It’s one thing to be visited by a suitor and his overbearing mother, but Layla gets more than she bargained for when she realises she’s accidentally double-booked and must also contend with the super confident Habib. SYDNEY ONLY

Pearl – Youthworx Media – ‘Pearl’ is an accomplished short film that explores the experience of growing up ‘P.I.’ in Australia. It’s the product of the Story Weavers Project, an intergenerational filmmaking project focused on Pacific Australian culture. – MELBOURNE ONLY

You and Me – Eddie Shieh – “Does love conquer all?” Through one brief phone conversation, Tu & Eu follows several star-crossed lovers around the world whose differences have put their long time love affair at a critical impasse.